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Rights and roles management for AEM made easy


A style guide for the HTML Template Language (HTL), the templating language use by the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).


Jackrabbit FileVault Install Hook to perform additional actions during package installation


All-in-one solution for modern Frontend projects, with special focus on AEM (Adobe Experience Manager)


Progressive User Experience Library


mjml for Adobe Experience Manager


Pickaxe is a fast and customizable security scan library which simplifies security testing for web applications like Adobe Experience Manager or API services. It can be plugged into a maven build to execute build-in checks or custom user provided security checks. Custom security checks can be defined via YAML files or a groovy based DSL.


Elastic AEM instances made easy.


Allows to migrate an AEM 6.4/6.5 instance to Felix Health Checks


Netcentric’s coding and style rules for Stylelint


Taggable Image Component for Adobe Experience Manager


Jackrabbit FileVault Validator and classification maps for AEM Content Classification


Provides a CND file with all Node Types and Namespaces defined in AEM


CloudFormation framework for AWS based project infrastructure


A short demo repository of how to create a Jenkins Pipeline for a Sling project using Docker images for build and test.


Grabbit - Fast Content Sync tool for AEM/CQ


Deploy to servers/run scripts on servers via http


Jackrabbit FileVault validator which verifies that a package complies with the AEM as a Cloud Service deployment restrictions outlined at https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-manager-learn/cloud-service/debugging/debugging-aem-as-a-cloud-service/build-and-deployment.html


Website with web performance and accessibility bad practices


Copy of the Sling Sample Application Slingshot to be used in our Jenkins Pipeline Demo. To reduce disk size and time for an initial clone by Jenkins, this has been created as thin copy rather than a fork.


AEM Core WCM Components


Puppet module for managing AEM Installations.


Allows to auto-configure maven repositories from system environment


Updates and milestones of our open source projects

Clock icon September 29, 2022 Person icon by Ricard Torres

How to use the Cognizant Netcentric Frontend Build for your side projects

We have recorded a short video to showcase how you can use our FE Build on any side project (outside of AEM)...
Clock icon May 06, 2022 Person icon by Raul Parralejo

Cognizant Netcentric FE Build v2.0.0

We are proud to announce the release of a major version of the Cognizant Netcentric FE Build, an all-in-one solution for building modern frontend projects, with special focus on AEM (Adobe Experience Manager)...
Clock icon January 10, 2022 Person icon by Ricard Torres

Cognizant Netcentric’s coding and style rules for Stylelint

We have recently released a new open source project for all those frontend heroes out there 🎉..

Development Circle

When to use single-page applications
Clock icon June 22, 2022 Person icon by Andreas Haller,Ricard Torres

When to use single-page applications

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