Clock icon September 29, 2022 Person icon by Ricard Torres

How to use the Cognizant Netcentric Frontend Build for your side projects

We have recorded a short video to showcase how you can use our FE Build on any side project (outside of AEM)...
Clock icon May 06, 2022 Person icon by Raul Parralejo

Cognizant Netcentric FE Build v2.0.0

We are proud to announce the release of a major version of the Cognizant Netcentric FE Build, an all-in-one solution for building modern frontend projects, with special focus on AEM (Adobe Experience Manager)...
Clock icon January 10, 2022 Person icon by Ricard Torres

Cognizant Netcentric’s coding and style rules for Stylelint

We have recently released a new open source project for all those frontend heroes out there 🎉..
Clock icon January 09, 2022 Person icon by Ricard Torres

Welcome to our new open source site

Cognizant Netcentric is proud to have launched this microsite to showcase our open source projects and contributions 🙌..

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